We take care of your administrative and financial departments so you can focus in your Business

Juan M Valenzuela P - Shared Services
  • Build a world-class finance function that ticks all the boxes: superior service, strong controls and deep understanding of your business. Spend more time on higher-value activities and less on accounting and administrative tasks.

  • Our information and control tools will allow you to know exactly how your business is going.

  • We customize your reports according to the nature of your business, so you can make more accurate decisions.

  • We help you to establish the right policies for keeping things under control without damaging your business operations.

  • We take care of your financial planning, providing any report you need for third parties including banks for loans, or other companies for mergers and acquisitions. We will also help you in the needed negotiations of financial matters with third parties.

Helping companies with his team since 1997 as a fractional CFO on the following:

  • Making of business plans and investment projects
  • Loans Procurement
  • Companies’ Valuation (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Analysis and Controls
  • Cashflows
  • Costs & Margin Analysis
  • Administrative and Financial Policies
  • Accounting and Taxes supervision
  • ERP & CRM supervision
  • Control of Receivables, Payable and Inventories
  • Imports / Exports
  • Administrative supervision


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